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2014 Math Fair: At the Square Root of Fun

iConic Bounce House

As August 2 quickly approaches, the MIND Research Institute team is busily preparing for events and activities unlike anything you -- or even we -- have ever seen before. The 2014 Math Fair: At the Square Root of Fun, is all about providing a memorable learning experience, with math-themed activities that excite and inspire kids of all ages. As the event draws closer, Sums & Solutions will provide some sneak peeks at what’s in store for Math Fair participants.

Here's How To Get Kids Excited About Math. (Yes, It's Possible!)

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By Nigel Nisbet
I'll never forget my first day as a high school teacher in America. My dream was pretty simple: Mold eager minds into future science, technology, engineering and math leaders who will help define the 21st century.

My reality was a little different.

More Plants, Less Space: Slopes and Shapes That Increase Surface Area in our Landscapes

MIND6 resized 600
By Ben Kotnik

One of my favorite topics to explore when teaching ecologic design and permaculture courses is how math concepts and principles offer insight and inspiration into how we design and manage our lands. While this can quickly extend to a life-long study of patterns and the mathematics of nature, let’s focus on one of the goals for many home-scale gardeners:

Got Game? How Play Enhances Learning

n BOYS large570 resized 600
By Delicia Sepulveda

Photo caption: "Math Quest," a board game featuring multiplication, division and fractions, is among the first entries to the K-12 Game-A-Thon. To view them and vote on favorites, go to:

Teachers Drive Instruction; Technology Accelerates Learning

KIPP EMPOWER LA 220x135 resized 600
By Neela Parasnis, KIPP Empower Academy

KIPP Empower Academy (KEA) opened its doors in South Los Angeles the summer of 2010. From the outset, we embraced blended learning as a way to facilitate individualized and small group instruction.

New Board Member Inspired to Help Students Avoid the Math Struggles He Faced

Don Garcia

MIND Research Institute recently welcomed Don Garcia, owner and founder of Irvine-based Pinnacle Consulting Group, to its Board of Directors. Garcia’s previous board service includes the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, California State Fund, Hispanic 100, National Latino Coalition Foundation, Por Mi Futuro, and the YMCA of Orange County. He has been honored for his work as a mentor to individual gang members through Santa Ana’s Project PRIDE program.

Perfect Pair: Cognitively Guided Instruction and ST Math

ST Math in Action
By Darcy Lewis, Huntington Beach City SD

Five years ago, a visit to watch a fellow teacher use Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) in her classroom changed my life. I thought: “Wow, how cool — one rigorous word problem solved in a variety of ways was used to teach kids math.” Over the next year, I made up these grand word problems, posed them to my students and had them share their answers. Then, I found out what CGI really was and boy, I had it ALL wrong!

Why We Are JiJi Believers

3 104students resized 600
By Erin Dowling and Maxiel Peralta, PS 310 teachers and winners of the JiJi Believer Video Challenge 

As class 3-104 got ready to create their JiJi Believer video, we asked our students to respond to a writing prompt for homework titled “Why I Love JiJi.” While some of their responses can be heard at the beginning of our video, we thought we’d share a few more reasons why they love JiJi, the penguin featured in the ST Math games:

JiJi Joins National K-12 Game-a-thon Challenge

JiJi brainstorms ideas for the Game-a-thon

This month, MIND Research Institute kicked off its inaugural K-12 Game-a-thon for students across the country.

Getting Sharp by Training Working Memory

Working Memory Training
By Martin Buschkuehl, Ph.D.

In order to excel in sports, let’s say running, you will benefit from strong leg muscles and a powerful cardiovascular system. It follows that pursuing any activity that focuses on improving the capabilities of your legs, as well as your heart and lungs (e.g., swimming or climbing stairs) will have a positive impact on your running times. Is there an equivalent of the cardiovascular system in our brain that represents a similar fundamental basis for mental abilities?

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